• Progressive Unfoldment of Destiny, Enjoy the Journey while achieving your Goal!
  • Secrets of Destiny, Destiny Operates Through Mind, Thought is the Free Gift of Fortune
  • Luck Enhancement is a Reality Increase your chances of Success!
  • Manage the Cycle of Destiny & Success will Follow

About us

Destiny-Management Consultancy & Services is a professional organization with expertise in ancient wisdom tools like Astrology, Vastushastra and Palmistry. We have wealth of experience in analysing root cause of problems, counseling and recommending practical solutions to situations.


Prosperity & Peace for mankind through Destiny-Management

Destiny-Management is the Process of Analysing Individual & Collective Fortune (Bhagya) and following the Remedial Path to fulfill Dreams, Goals and Objectives.

“भाग्य के व्यवस्थापन से सर्वांगीन विकास और शांति”



Being Pioneer in Destiny-Management by Creating awareness about how Astro-allied Tools and Methods can be leveraged in the process of Destiny-Management, by Proven Practices and Pragmatic Approach.

Continuous Focus on

  • Building Body Of Knowledge
  • Developing Consultants Rich in Knowledge & Expertise
  • Partnering with Best-of-Breed in the Field of Destiny-Management


Our Beliefs

  • Destiny Operates Through Mind!
  • There is nothing as Fixed Destiny. Destiny can be changed if known through signals of Fortune
  • ”Luck Enhancement” is a Reality
  • Vastushastra is incomplete without Astrology
  • Journey is more important than the Destination.
  • Enjoying the Journey through Progressive Unforcement of Destiny is Destiny Management!



  • We maintain secrecy of our clients.
  • Progressive, Pragmatic and Scientific approach towards problem solving
  • Keeping Common Sense intact considering current trends and practical limitations.
  • Modern way of following ancient wisdom tools like Astrology, Vastushastra and allied tools.



  • Vast knowledge and experience in ancient wisdom tools like Astrology, Vastushastra and Palmistry
  • Modern Research in Astro-Vastu Concepts
  • Specialised use of Numerology and Tarot from case-to-case basis
  • Special expertise in Counselling on variety of matters like matrimony, legal, financial matters, career & growth prospects etc.


Our Value Proposition

DMCS is Obvious Choice when Stakes are High

By *Destiny Management we help you to

  • Reduce Risk
  • Reduce Cost
  • Save Time
  • Enjoy the Journey towards Destination



*Destiny Management is the Process of understanding & analysing individual and collective fortune and following remedial path to fulfil Dreams, Goals and Objectives. It involves use of ancient wisdom tools to provide Visionary Services based on Time, Activities, Relationships and Collective Setup.