• Progressive Unfoldment of Destiny, Enjoy the Journey while achieving your Goal!
  • Secrets of Destiny, Destiny Operates Through Mind, Thought is the Free Gift of Fortune
  • Luck Enhancement is a Reality Increase your chances of Success!
  • Manage the Cycle of Destiny & Success will Follow


What is Destiny?

The word Destiny is commonly understood as events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or a thing in the future. It is also perceived as Fate, the Hidden Power, controlling what will happen in the future. It is also believed as the ultimate destination where fortune takes you.

There are two extreme views about Destiny:

  • Destiny is fixed and no one can change it. In other words "समय से पहले और भाग्य से जादा कुछ नहीं मिलता "
  • There is nothing like Fortune or Destiny… it is an illusion of mind so focus on Karma and Fortune is obvious.


We at DMCS are between these two extreme views. We believe that there is a definite role play of Fortune (Bhagya) in happening or not happening of the event. Fortune is unseen component of nature which acts through mind, thought, time and people around you. Fortune sometimes dictates you to do something or at times prevents you from doing something. We believe that this component of nature can be understood through ancient wisdom tools and research work of modern genius. Having understood the Fortune, one can explore the possibilities of managing Fortune and hence the Destiny.


Our beliefs

  • Destiny Operates Through Mind: A thought coming to mind is natural process. This very thought is responsible for Destiny.
  • The Journey towards Destination is more important than the Destiny.
  • Enjoying the journey through progressive unfoldment of fortune is Destiny Management.
  • Destiny and Fortune are two sides of the same coin and hence Fortune Enhancement is Destiny Management.


What is Destiny Management?

All of us are born with desire and dreams. We expect some of the achievements to become landmark. In this process we set some goals and at times struggle to achieve them. With the help of ancient wisdom tools these goals are made easy and achievable. Similarly certain desires are channelized to set new goals in life. This very systematic process is understood as Destiny Management.

Destiny-Management is a Process of Analysing Individual & Collective Fortune (भाग्य) and following the Remedial Path to Fulfill Dreams, Goals and Objectives.

This process involves

  • Aptitude Analysis & related suggestions (self exploration)
  • Resource-Activity Relationship Management
  • Time Management &
  • Crisis Management


Aptitude Analysis

Here ones likes, dislikes and potential are analyzed and proper remedial guidance is provided in order to become more successful in life. We also call this as Exploring Self


Resource - Activity Relation Management

Here relationship between an activity and the resources is studied and accordingly suggestions for selecting associates, partners, locations etc. are provided.


  • In a newly bought shopping premise, the owner may want to decide which type of Business Activity he should carry out or if the premise should be rented out. (Resource – Activity Relation).
  • An Excellent assistant in office might not be a good wife for e.g. a lawyer married to his assistant and after few years of marriage they both had to contact different lawyers for separation. DMCS could have helped in avoiding such situations by analyzing this resource-activity relation.
  • Selection of an Employee for a specific job.
  • Selection of appropriate Job Profile for a Selected Employee for e.g. a person selected for marketing job could be better utilised in Administrative work and vice versa.
  • Avoiding certain resources for certain specific jobs for e.g. not hiring a driver who has doubtful character.


Time Management

In the school of Destiny Management, Time parameter is defined uniquely. Here time is not just a ticking clock or change of calendar dates which is common for all living beings.

In Destiny Management we define Time as progression of Planets, specifically Moon, w.r.t. individual chart (horoscope), and hence is different for different beings.

That is, certain time phases in life are good for certain activities and certain time intervals prove to be very delicate in one’s life.

Time in absolute term is never good or bad.


  • Even a great cricket legend like Sachin can have a bad phase and get out without scoring.
  • Business opportunities may be ruined if the business meeting is conducted at wrong time. DMCS could help to find suitable time for business meetings involving high stakes.


Crisis Management

Crisis is an unforeseen event experienced in one’s life which results in disasters & feeling of helplessness. Such crisis situations are invariably found in everyone’s life and are mostly unavoidable. Hence managing the situation in such crisis is important in order to reduce the impact or damage.

Examples of Crisis: Possible bankruptcy, Accidents resulting in Death or major Damage, Sudden realisation of serious Health problems etc.

In Destiny Management, Crisis Management involves analysing possible results of Crisis as well as various options / paths available to tackle the problem and helping to select the best possible path for minimising the damage. This is done with help of Destiny Management Tools.

Visionary Services of DMCS provide suggestions not only to minimise the crisis but also to avoid it in totality or to treat it as an Opportunity.

In order to better manage the impact of crisis it is essential to know the possible outcome. One of our Tools - Prashana Kundali is a great help in managing the crisis situation. DMCS guidance could prove to be vital in Crisis situations, as we provide Time based alerts along with tips, hints and suggestions (do’s & don’ts) to do certain things and avoid certain things.