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DMCS follows methodical approach towards problem understanding and resolution. We follow a unique process using Destiny Management Tools to identify Root Cause of the problem and selecting Best possible solution out of various possibilities.

The process is defined as follows –


FIR Analysis

This is First Information Report (FIR) based on client’s first query either over phone, e-mail or in person. Our experience shows that FIR helps to find mental condition of the client and the challenges he is facing. This report helps us to verify the problem at hand.


PK Analysis

Prashna Kundali is tool to analyse various queries relating to matters. Our experience shows that PK greatly helps in

  • Determining possible Time Sequence of Events for e.g. preference in various projects for builder
  • Role play of various stakeholders in the problem for e.g. mother-in-law responsible for divorce
  • Methods for problem resolution for e.g. in a Health matter, if person should go for surgery or homeopathic treatment
  • Proper remedial directions for e.g. correction in Vastu followed by Time Remedial aspects.


Individual Birth Chart Analysis

After FIR and PK, birth charts of every individual stakeholder is analysed to find possible causes relating to the matter.


Palm Reading

Palm Reading and analysis is done for the key stakeholders to verify the findings of Birth Chart Analysis.


Dialogue & Discussions

DMCS Consultant engages in a proper dialogue with the stakeholders to verify findings relating to the matter and zero-in on the root cause of the problem.


Vastu Analysis & Remedy

If possible root Cause of the issue is related to the Vastu (Collective Setup) then Vastu visit and remedy is recommended.


Root Cause Analysis

This is the most important step in the process of Destiny Management and requires experience and special expertise of Destiny Management Tools as well as common sense. We specialise in this domain.


Solution and Remedies

After having identified the Root cause, a proper Remedial path is suggested using PK and Chart Analysis. This is an area of expertise where general knowledge and pragmatic approach is followed for progressive unfoldment of Destiny.


Reporting & Case Paper

Proper report for the case is prepared and case is stored for future reference, in case if required.


Success Rate

Success Rate of Destiny Management process depends upon

  • Genuineness of the matter
  • Proper person contacting for relevant matter i.e. person asking the query must have some minimum stake in the matter
  • FIR and PK showing same nature of the problem
  • Client limiting his / her Queries to the matter at hand.
  • Client following proper Guidance as advised by DMCS consultants and giving proper feedback from time to time