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  • Secrets of Destiny, Destiny Operates Through Mind, Thought is the Free Gift of Fortune
  • Luck Enhancement is a Reality Increase your chances of Success!
  • Manage the Cycle of Destiny & Success will Follow

Managing the Cycle of Destiny Management

DMCS has arrived at a modern approach towards defining cause of the problem based on four basic elements of Nature viz. Fire, Earth, Air and Water. These Elements are analogous to four key parameters of our Life viz. – Goal, Time, Team and Path. Destiny Management Process represents the fifth Element - Sky!

Destiny Management

Five elements under Destiny Management

  • GOAL – Fire Element
    • Belongs to the Fire Element and defines your Ambition, Aim in Life
  • TIME – Earth Element
    • It’s the Earth Element since it can be commoditised, exchanged for money / value / service
  • TEAM – Air Element
    • It depicts your team, family, people & your resources / skills, will-power
    • Its an important “Ladder” for success in life
  • PATH – Water Element
    • Its the path you choose and illustrates your Values, Ethics, Moral
    • Also represents your Thoughts / Ideas and mode used for success
  • Destiny-Management (DM) Process – Sky Element
    • Encompasses and Guides all the Four Elements viz. Goal, Time, Team and Path.
    • Its the Guiding Force in managing the Four Elements and hence represents the Sky Element
    • The DM process analyses the four elements and helps to identify the Weakest Link which usually is the Root Cause of the failure.
    • A Progressive and Pragmatic Remedial Path is suggested for resolution


Root cause of Issues

  • Any single element is either completely missing or scores very low (below 50 %)
    • E.g. Debacle of Janata Party after coming to power post Emergency. The Path element was missing as the parties involved had differing principles, although common goal.
  • Proper Sequence is not followed raising wrong or unavailable expectations.
    • E.g. Team – Path – Time – Goal
    • i.e. One may first choose Team and Path to achieve Time Specific Goal
    • Here the same team will not be able to achieve the Goal unless you compromise on Time


Success Mantra

  • Identify your preferred sequence and follow it
  • Must score 70% or more in the last element in your Sequence which is your “Weakest Link”
    E.g. if you start with the Path-Goal-Time-Team model, then you must ensure that your Team is successful at-least to the extent of 70% in order to get success.


Role of DMCS

  • Enabler in the Destiny Management Process
    • Oversee all the four Elements viz Goal, Path, Team and Time
    • Analyse the Sanctity of the Cycle
    • Identify the Weak Link(s) in the Cycle
    • Provide time-bound Remedies to ensure proper functioning of the Cycle
    • A Progressive and Pragmatic Remedial Path is suggested for resolution
  • No One can Guarantee Success , however DMCS can improve your Chances of Success