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Enhancing Luck

Generally the Concept of Luck or Fortuity is a chance of happening, or that which happens without one’s control, regardless of one’s will, intention or desired result.

Luck plays an important role in ones success. Those who believe in luck also believe that luck is beyond one’s control. We however are the pioneers of the concept of “Luck Enhancement”, one of the areas of Destiny Management.

In the school of Destiny-Management, we consider Luck as a phenomenon that is directly related to the combination of Time, Activity, Relationships and Collective Setup i.e. we help to find -


Thus Luck can be enhanced by choosing the Right time for right activity with right people and in a right setup.


Choosing the Right Time

Time is never Good or Bad. However for a person, a Time for certain activity may or may not be good. For e.g. Time for winning a sports game may not be good for writing a book. Time good for travel & tour may not be proper time for career progression. Time for health improvement may be against marriage.

In summary, everything could be looked at with a perspective of Time. Hence in Destiny Management, understanding of Time is very important.

We offer

  • Guidance for choosing right time for starting a new venture
  • Selecting proper time span for completing time bound goals
  • Avoiding time in general and selecting good time for key activities


Choosing the Right Activity

Activity selection and promotion is not only important from financial point of view but also overall exploration of human being. People are good in many activities but the activity they like and the activity that can bring success might be different. A good chess player may not become successful in chess but can be a good planner in an upcoming industrial set up. A professional Doctor may prove to be more successful as a Spiritual Guru.

DMCS utilises Astro and Palmistry tools to understand the equation between your passion, ability and success and helps you choose the right one!

We offer

  • To select hobby for self exploration
  • Deciding whether particular activity is good for success or not
  • Finding the activity out of many of your passions that could give you success & prosperity


Choosing the Right Team (Partners / Associates)

People with similar habits and likes & dislike become good friends but people with complementary skills become good partners!

For e.g. two persons from totally different background and with different habits - one of them a dynamic communicator with good networking skills and the other one good at costing with proper back office knowledge, may prove complementary in skills and can be successful business partners.

We offer

  • Understanding root cause and settlement of existing team problems
  • Selecting proper team as per requirement
  • Choosing right business partner as well as Life Partner (spouse)


Choosing the Right Setup (Residential / Business)

Like individuals every property or premise has fortune which affects its residents. In case of Business Premises certain properties may enhance peace but it may not bring proper result for wealth creation, whereas in certain cases, it may create lot of wealth at the cost of peace.

In a given setup internal arrangements and proper compartments create better relationships. For e.g. in a 3 bedroom apartment, which member of family should occupy which bedroom becomes decision of prime importance. Similarly in a Business setup internal arrangements of objects and people are essential for right results.

DMCS specializes in Specific Vastushastra along with other astro allied tools to help our clients choose right setup for residence or business in order to enhance luck through setup & maintain balance between peace and prosperity.

We offer

  • People analysis and recommendations for location specific setup
  • Vastu analysis for choosing right interiors and setup to enhance chances of success


Choosing the Right Combination

Luck Enhancement process involves combination of choosing right Time, Activity, Team and the Collective Setup for improving chances of success i.e. Choosing Right Time for Right Activity with Right Team and in a Right Setup.

In DMCS we use First Information Report (FIR) and Prashna Kundali (PK), to analyse root cause of issues and provide recommendations for right combination of Time, Activity, Team and setup.