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Exploring Self & Surroundings

Exploring Self

Changes within self and adapting to the environment around is Self Exploration. Our Astro research shows there are three types of people.

  • Winners – represented by 3 planets viz. Sun, Mars & Mercury
    • Sun : who have vision, can plan and lead
    • Mars : who take risks and initiative &
    • Mercury : who can copy good qualities and tools of others
  • Catalysts – represented by 3 planets viz. Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu
    • Jupiter : who create and follow systems & procedures
    • Saturn : who are hardworking and consistent
    • Ketu : who are submissive and ready to change for the cause
  • Losers – represented by 3 planets viz. Moon, Venus & Rahu
    • Moon : who have sentimental attitude and get carried by emotions and situations
    • Venus : have lavish attitude irrespective of financial conditions and fail to hold on to success.
    • Rahu : who are motivated by corrupt concepts and compromise their goals for petty gains.


The Winner qualities are essential to achieve success and Catalyst qualities are vital to maintain the success. One will definitely fail in life when third set of qualities become dominant than the other two.

DMCS can help you to explore yourself on the basis of these winning, losing and catalyst qualities and provide visionary guidance to adapt right strategy to achieve your goals.


Exploring Surroundings

Surrounding includes people and environment around you. This surrounding impacts your life in many dimensions. For e.g. it can have impact on your

  • Productivity
  • Creativity &
  • Overall Quality of Life


Hence it’s vital to understand and explore your surrounding in order to get peace and prosperity!

DMCS specializes in Astrology and allied tools such as Vastushastra & Palmistry to explore your relations with people and the setup you live in and work from and provide visionary guidance to improve the same.