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Resolving Problems and Crisis in Life

Problems are facts of life. They are in the form of obstacles, impediment, difficulty or challenges that desires resolution. If not resolved in time and proper manner a problem may lead to crisis. Hence Problem is an alert to handle the situation carefully. They are also considered as opportunities to set bigger goals.

Hence Resolving Problems is an important part of Destiny Management process. This resolution requires some important decision making. More often than not, the prima-facie facts available are not sufficient to take the right decision. However Astrology and allied tools can be used to understand the in-depth nature of the problem and also possible solutions.

DMCS specialises in Astrology & allied Tools to

  • Identify real nature and cause of the Problem (Use of FIR / Prashna Kundali)
    • Time Phase
    • Activity
    • Relationship
    • Setup (Vastu)
  • Provide best possible remedial path out of many possibilities with proper counseling


We follow

  • Progressive, Pragmatic and Scientific approach towards problem solving
  • Keeping Common Sense intact considering current trends and practical limitations.