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The Core Tools of Destiny Management are designed on the basis of ancient wisdom, in the form of Astrology, Palmistry and Vastushastra. Other interesting tools like Tarot and Numerology are also used for specific purposes.


Self Exploration: Indian Astrology with modern activation theory is being used for understanding nature and potential of client.

Time Reference: The time understanding as per Indian methods and western progressions combined together are utilised to determine auspicious and un-auspicious time for particular activity.

Prashna Kundali (PK): A time of Query is analysed in the context of Indian and Western Theories together to determine the root cause of the problem and select possible solutions.

Astro-Vastu: Vastu query or visit time is noted in order to locate probable queries relating to the premises.

Activations: The progressive movement of planets is noted in order to find out suitable timing for planning an event. Activation also helps in finding critical time alerts to prepare Yearly Guide.



Vastushastra is an ancient doctrine which consists of precepts born out of a traditional view on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings.

In the School of Destiny Management Vastushastra is seen together with basic principles of Astrology. This ancient science is mainly used to understand collective impact of Fortune on an individual / family / organization. Hence we believe Vastushastra is of two parts

General Vastushastra: This is commonly understood Vastushastra on the principles of Ancient doctrine

Specific Vastushastra: This is Person or Object specific Vastushastra utilized considering requirement of the client and project. For e.g. opening a special door in West for improving sales. Or recommending specific bedroom for quarreling couple.

Our beliefs

  • No Vastu is Good or Bad. It is the purpose that decides if chosen Vastu is suitable or not.
    For e.g. a commercial premise used for Lottery or Gambling might not be suitable for trading dairy products.
  • No direction is Good or Bad. Every direction has some positivity in it for specific motives.
    For e.g. South has power and competitive component and is essential for stability and decision making.
  • The location has to be understood w.r.t. surroundings. For e.g. if you are buying a flat in the building then not only the directions within the flat are important but also the respective location of the flat in the building has its effects.
  • Last but not the Least , Vastu Shastra is incomplete without Astrology. For e.g. When a person comes with a crisis the root cause could be
    • Vastu problem
    • Individual Client problem or
    • Matter of Time (दशा)
    Here Astrology helps to identify the root cause of the crisis and accordingly determine the remedial process.



Human Palm is barometer of Body and it is one of the tools to understand human nature and health.

  • Colour of the palm indicates Temperament
  • Size and shape of Nails indicate Nature and Health
  • Size & shape of Palm shows characteristics of a person. For e.g. attention to detail, versatility, practical approach etc.
  • Fingers indicate specialised features and skills of a person. For e.g. communication skills, artistic temperament, leadership potential and qualities, hardworking nature and so many other things like relations with the team and overall commercial sense.
  • Texture and feel of the palm are useful to understand sensitivity and approach of the person towards life and others.


Distance Palmistry

Modern Study has shown that a palm photograph or palm observed from a distance can also be analysed to identify key traits of a person. This is a very useful tool especially when client is not available in person.

In Destiny Management, Palmistry is a primary tool for Verification of Astro observations. In addition its an excellent tool especially when

  • Proper birth details of the client are missing
  • There are more number of candidates to be attended in smaller span of time. For e.g. hiring process or public meetings.



A special method has been derived on the basis of Indian Astrology in combination with Western numerological study. This tool is used in analysing Human nature on the basis of date of birth. It's also used for finding out lucky numbers for people or objects.



Tarot Card reading is used in absence of Astro details. It is also used to short list specific solution when number of possibilities is more. It’s also an excellent tool for confirmatory test.