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Rahu Changing Sign from Scorpio to Libra In Jan 2013

Rahu is transitioning into from Scorpio to Libra in the month of Jan 2013. This transition is interesting as Saturn is already present in Libra.

This combination will be very interesting for people having moon or other major planets in Sagittarius and Leo. However those with moon sign as Libra should be careful from this change.

Effects of transition of Rahu into Libra for every sign (both Ascendant / Lagna sign and Moon sign) are depicted below -

Aries: This may prove delicate and can become cause of social conflicts. They should take care in matrimonial relations as well.

Taurus: This change is positive from point of view of winning over and overall competitive spirit of life.

Gemini: This combination is bit sensitive and one should not speculate in relations. For students this can prove creative and entertaining.

Cancer: They may find dullness in life. They should come out of their laziness and become more physically active.

Leo: Can be benefited by this change, their resources may start giving the better returns, intermediating in matters would prove positive.

Virgo: It may have effect on overall liquidity of funds and misunderstanding in relations. They should take care of health.

Libra: This may have striking effect of this combination. Person may be become dynamic, aggressive and ambitious. However people around him may not behave the way he wants.

Scorpio: May face challenges in repayment, travel and changing over the activities. They should be careful about people around them and should not trust in sensitive matters.

Sagittarius: This will be benefited by this change. They can take advantage of their relations and resources. Their planning may prove better and winning temperament will continue.

Capricorn: This change will make them ambitious and political. Major challenges could be work and activity area. They should be careful about health and overall peace.

Aquarius: This change is positive for those who are engaged in international activities, consultants and intellectual class. However, hardworking people might find challenges in their subordinates and associates.

Pisces: This combination is sensitive for their ancestral and old matters. There will be challenges from family and friends. They should focus on research and development and social networking to overcome fear of possible isolation.