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Project based Guidance

Project based GuidanceUsually any property related project is multidimensional, involving a lot of complexity due to presence of many known and unknown stakeholders & factors. For e.g. in a redevelopment project commonly known stakeholders are - tenants, developer, architect, material suppliers, labour contractor, people from adjoining property, government / corporation bodies and so on.

However the most important and ignored stakeholder is the Property itself. Many consider the property as a dead or lifeless object and hence they are unaware of the fact that even a property has a Destiny.


Our Belief

  • Every Property has Destiny
    • Everything that has a past and present also has future. Same goes with Property or a Plot
    • Every property has a History and some story of its own.
    • Every property has impact of past activities conducted on it. For e.g. a property developed on a dumping ground will carry its effects.
    • Every property has relationship with adjoining properties which affects its fate. For e.g. a property developed near the location of a cemetery will always carry it’s impact.
  • Fortune of Key Stakeholders affects the Destiny of the Property


Destiny Management for Property Projects

Every Property project invariably has various challenges and unforeseen hurdles. For e.g. a sudden scarcity of material, legal case imposed by adjoining property holders, change in Govt. policies, labour accidents during the project execution etc.

Hence Destiny Management is Essential for the Property Projects!

The Destiny of the property needs to be understood and managed. Like any individual a Property may have challenges and limitations. Hence managing the Team, Time and both is essential for the prosperity of the property and it’s key stakeholders.

DMCS offers unique services for Success of the Project Objectives & Project Execution.


Objective of the Project

Success of the project not only depends on its timely execution or budget but also depends on achievement of the objective for which the project was originally designed and planned.
For e.g. a Water Park may get built in time and within costs, however it’s not a success unless it achieves its commercial goals.

DMCS specializes in advising viability of the project for that specific property, its objectives on the given location.

We Offer

  • To verify if Cycle of Destiny Management is being followed for the objective.
  • To determine whether the Property or Plot is suitable for the said Objective from Astro-Vastu perspective.


Project Execution Success

Project Execution success is measured by its timely completion within budget. It depends on following key factors

  • The project Execution Team (Key Stakeholders). The Team includes key Decision Makers as well as Executers. Their skill for their responsibilities is extremely important for efficient execution.
  • Time Phases the Team is passing through
  • Time Alerts for the Entire Project.
  • Organization of the Resources For e.g. Location of Main Gate, Location of Sales Office etc.


Destiny management is an attempt to visualize the project on time scale consideration

We Offer

  • To verify if proper person is engaged for proper job.
  • To check if Project Time phases are in appropriate order. For e.g. if finance should be arranged first or if sales to be started
  • To provide Time Scale for conducting specific project phases or activity. For e.g. when to start Sales office, choosing right time for foundation etc.
  • Time alerts on the basis of individual chart (individual problems can affect project)
  • Analysis of various queries raised on time to time basis (it is very essential to understand root cause of the project issues) and provide recommendations for resolution of issues.


Key Inputs for Destiny Management of the Project

  • Vastu Visit and Readings
  • FIR / Horoscope of the Vastu
  • Horoscopes of Key Stakeholders (as luck of individual person is important)
  • Palm Patterns of Key Executers to evaluate their potential, quality and appropriate job allocation