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Vastu for Business

Selection of Business Premise

For any Business Activity, its premise plays an important role. For e.g. location of a Restaurant is extremely important for its success. This is commonly understood and applied by savvy businessman. However despite of good selection of premise, we find that the experience of success is not as per expectations.

In addition to known logical facts, experience shows that the fortune of premise also plays an important role in the success. Vastushastra helps to understand fortune of the premise.

However commonly understood Principals of Vastushastra are essential but not sufficient, because the need of every Business is different.

As per the demand of specific Business, the property may be selected, developed and organized.

Our experience shows that Specific Vastushastra along with fortune of the team plays an important role in the success of the Business.

Principles of General Vastushstra focus on broad concepts of directions and related energies. These principles however cannot be directly applied when it comes to selection of Business Premise. This is because, as such no direction is good or bad. A good direction for a specific business activity could be bad for some other activity. For e.g. a same premise may give different results for a lottery business, a Dairy or a Chemist shop.

DMCS specialises in Specific Vastushastra and Time Alerts.

We offer

  • Help in selecting proper activity for existing premises
  • Selecting Business Premise for specific Activity
  • Organizing Infrastructure or setup as per demands of the business


Businesses we cater to

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Shops & Establishments
  • Offices of Professionals
  • School or Educational Institutes
  • Factories
  • Agro Tourism Activities


Organising Office / Factory Setup

Office & Factory are the most important places for any Business. It plays an important role in the success of the Business Activity. It’s role play in the success is through its setup and location of key persons occupying the office as well as the location of Key objects and departments.

For e.g. location of most responsible staff in wrong direction would affect their performance and in turn affect the business.

Role of Specific Vastushastra is extremely important in organizing setup of Business Premise. Here are few examples

  • Office location of Manager of a Star Hotel and Marketing Manager of an Advertising Firm cannot be the same.
  • Office setup of a film star and a chartered accountant have different needs and hence demands different setup as per Specific Vastushastra
  • According to Common Vastushastra, South-East direction is preferred for the Kitchen. However Location of Kitchen is very important factor for the success of the restaurant where as in a factory, canteen and Kitchen are of secondary importance and should be located in such a way that minimum time is spent by employees in the canteen!


DMCS specializes in the Specific Vastushastra for Business setup

We Offer

  • Arrangement of Office Cabins as per principles of Specific Vastushastra
  • Arrangement of Objects like Cash counter, Safe, Display, UPS, Batteries, Furness etc.