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Vastu for Residence

Selection of Residential Premise

Selection of Residential PremiseHome-Sweet-Home!

Home is the most important factor in everyone’s life for peace and prosperity. Every Family has a different demand from the house. For e.g. a widow staying with two kids and a nuclear family with one kid may have different demand from the house.

Hence in addition to General Vastushastra, Specific Vastushastra has to be applied depending on requirement of family and their Goals.

DMCS specializes in the Specific Vastushastra for Residential premises

We offer

  • Need based Selection of Residential House
  • Advise about Change in existing Residential premise
  • Advise about Extension of exiting Residential premises
  • Practical and Time based Remedies for existing Vastu defects


Organising Interiors

Organising InteriorsThe relations of people staying under one roof are responsible for ones real success story of life. We find people, however successful in their career or profession, are not happy if their home is not a Sweet Home.

Even in case of a Residential Premise, General Vastushastra is Necessary but not Sufficient, especially when there are members from different generations living together.

For e.g. according to General Vastushastra South-West location in the house is considered as prime one for the master bedroom. However we should decide it from case to case depending on merits of matter.

DMCS specializes in the Specific Vastushastra for setting up interiors of Residential premises

We offer

  • Proper room allocation for newly purchased premises
  • Re-organization of existing premises based on specific needs of the family
  • Root Cause analysis for individual or family issues based on Astro-Vastu
  • Practical and Time based Remedies for existing Vastu defects

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