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Family Guidance

Every family has certain things in common. They share same house, history, neighbors and relatives. Still they may have certain impact in addition to their potential from the Vastu and individual fortunes, which may affect their thought process and hence their destiny.

Our view on Family Guide is focus on this mystery of nature… an attempt to study people individually and collectively both!

Family is group of residents under one roof for peaceful and prosperous co-existence. The crisis to anyone may prove problem to all. Here in DMCS we offer comparative study of individuals to understand root cause of the family issues with help of our Astro allied tools and recommend Time based plan.


Matrimony Matters

In this high speed life, fragrance of relations is fading. Everyone asks what I will get in a marriage? But the real question should be – How can I explore future with the help of this divine knot!?

The fear of social embarrassment and losing track of life is so much that the family concept of
“Live-for-Relations” is fast changing into “Live-in Relations”.

We offer

  • Root cause analysis of matrimony related issues
  • Guide to understand challenges and beauty in every relation to make it a successful marriage
  • Counseling and remedies on the basis of Palmistry, Astrology and Vastushastra tools.
  • Visionary support with time alerts


Family Disputes

As per Astro philosophy Family is treated as real wealth, hence any dispute in family shatters entire life of family members. Our observation shows when the dispute is for material matters, the root cause of the issue may be of emotional nature and vice versa.

For e.g. in a family dispute for property between two brothers, the real cause might be loss of faith and emotional detachment.

We offer

  • Prashna Kundali (PK) based analysis to find the root cause of the dispute
  • Possible solutions to resolve the situation


Family Prosperity

In India family concept is not only old but an ancient reality. An Individual’s prosperity is closely linked with family destiny i.e. family’s liabilities could prove to be hindrance in ones success. Hence to be able to prosper one needs prosperity of entire family to maintain dignity and success. This prosperity of family is closely linked with the family assets, mainly residential properties.

DMCS considers all the properties from Vastu point of view and see their impact on family’s prosperity.

We offer

  • Vastu Visit & Consultation for Home
  • Individual Family Member’s Astro Analysis & Guidance
  • Experts Counseling to individual & Family


Parent & Child Relations

People are keen about growth and development of the child as much as they are concerned about their relations with the child. Usually people end up achieving one at the cost of other. In this fast-track world Parents are facing numerous challenges in parenting. They are concerned about social well being and overall growth of the child.

DMCS specialises in identifying aptitude and psyche of the child using astro-allied tools for planning betterment of relationship with child and overall growth.

We offer

  • Self Exploration services for kids
  • Counseling for both parent and child based on astro findings