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Personal Matters

At every stage of life an individual comes across variety of situations where a decision involves very high stakes. In such life deciding situations visionary guidance is essential. This is specially required because the prima-facie facts available are not sufficient to take right decisions.

DMCS offers visionary services using Destiny Management Tools that can help our client’s take right decisions at right time. In addition to this our client’s can apply corrective measures from time to time using Destiny Management principles.

Visionary Services is not an attempt to challenge free will of individuals and power of nature but taking their help to Unfold Destiny and manage it to bring peace and prosperity.


Self Exploration & Decision Making

Every individual has certain inbuilt qualities some of which are known and some of which remain unexplored. Moreover certain habits may prove problematic at certain time phases and also certain things need to be explored during right phase of time. For e.g.

  • A social worker may be advised to contest election at appropriate time phase (दशा) for more success.
  • An aggressive driver can be cautioned not to drive at specific times


DMCS has expertise in analyzing individual potential and provide visionary guidance on Time Scale for making key decisions in life.

We offer

  • Individual chart analysis to find hidden talent, strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommendation on Time Alerts & Guide for specific tasks / activities
  • To choose correct combination of Activity vs. Time
  • Visionary Guidance on key decision making


Career & Professional Growth (Relocation)

Career & Professional GrowthIn this competitive era everyone aspires for success and stability. In today’s world choosing career and jumping opportunities needs visionary guidance as stakes involved are high. For e.g. one may get an overseas opportunity vs. new job opening in same country. Here one needs proper analysis of consequences of the chosen path on Time Scale.

DMCS has expertise in analyzing individual chart and Prashna Kundali to provide visionary guidance on career choice.

We offer

  • Individual chart analysis to find if current Time is suitable for a change
  • Assessment of Growth possibilities in present job, profession, business or sport
  • To choose correct combination of Activity vs Time



EducationIn Destiny Management we define Education as a Key to explore career & growth options. It’s a mode to acquire skills for winning over the competition. It’s an investment of resources like time and money. Hence a proper choice of Education is vital for ones success in life.

DMCS has special application tools in the form of Astrology and Palmistry for exploring the potential of students and locating right education options for them. We also specialize in counseling for the students.

We offer

  • Counseling using Astro & Palmistry tools
  • To check if chosen education option, location and time is suitable
  • Alternate education options if there are challenges in the chosen one
  • To check if there will be proper opening for the career chosen


Health Matters

Health MattersIn destiny management health is not only physical matter but also an emotional phenomenon. Our experience shows that Vastu related remedies can help patients recover faster and improve their confidence level. We also have good experience in bringing positivity in minds of people.

We offer

  • Identify if you have any general tendency towards specific illness like cough, constipation etc.
  • Help in choosing proper type of treatment. for e.g. if homeopathy can give better results.
  • Choosing proper time of treatment. for e.g. at what time a surgery should be performed
  • Guidance in second opinion & decision making. For e.g. if a surgery is required or not
  • To check if diagnosis is in proper direction
  • Vastu remedy for improvement in confidence level and emotional stability



MarriageIn the school of Destiny Management Marriage is not a mere event to park people for planned growth in family but exploring of two individuals in socioeconomic, emotional and romantic compartment of life.

Marriage decision involves highest stake in one’s life. However the process or importance given for selecting life partner is negligible compared to selection of a CEO of a company, or a house or at times even a driver.

We believe that this is an area of highest importance in one’s life and an area where Destiny Management Process is absolutely essential.

DMCS has wealth of experience in compatibility compartment and provides excellent guidance in choosing a life partner!

We offer

  • To check If its good time for marriage
  • Simple Match Matching and compatibility based suggestions
  • Suggestions on how to make it a successful marriage
  • Time alerts for betterment of relationships

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